Medicaid Expansion in Michigan

The Senate voted last night 8/28/13 to expand Medicaid via HB 4714. It almost didn’t pass with the first vote 19-18. Since there wasn’t a tie or 20 votes the bill did not pass. The senate went into a recess and came back for a reconsideration voteĀ and finally passed 20-18.

For those of you who are interested, the following senatorsĀ voted in favor of HB 4714:
Ananich, Jim
Anderson, Glenn
Bieda, Steven M
Casperson, Tom
Gregory, Vincent
Hansen, Goeff
Hood, Morris W III
Hopgood, Hoon-Yung
Hunter, Tupac A.
Johnson, Bert
Kahn, Roger
Kowall, Mike
Marleau, Jim
Richardville, Randy
Rocca, Tory
Smith, Virgil
Walker, Howard
Warren, Rebekah
Whitmer, Gretchen
Young, Coleman II

I will post a basic synopsis of this bill and what it means for American Indian Health and Family Services later this week.

I have also attached some links below for some different news articles regarding this topic.