One Small Step to Improve the Health of Our Planet

By Jacquelene Hollier Jackson

Through the values I’ve learned at home and at AIHFS as a former Dream Seeker, I think that caring for the planet is so important, so, before you throw something away try to think of another use for it! I grew up with my big Muscogee Creek/African American family in Detroit, making crafts from recycled items, wearing hand-me-down clothes my aunt had given me, and donating my toys and clothes that I had out-grown. I didn’t even know I was recycling/reusing, all I knew was that I was helping kids who needed clothes and kids who wanted toys… And that is how easy it is to make a difference, I mean recycle.

Being organized has so many benefits including reducing stress, waste, germs and clutter. It makes looking for something so much easier (reducing more stress!) and allows you more time to enjoy the things you love (unless you get a kick out of looking for lost thing all the time).Did I mention that organizing through cool recycling projects is great for the environment too? Let’s read some more about recycling before I show you a super awesome project you can do to recycle at home or work!

Here is a link to an article about the importance of recycling: This website is easy to use and explains the reasons for the large amount of waste and the importance of recycling. What the website says is that as more people are on the earth the more resources we will use and the more money people make the more they will buy and ultimately waste. That being said the amount of waste is only growing while the planet is getting worse. With recycling you can start small and work your way up. Starting small is as easy as donating old clothes and furniture you do not use instead of throwing them away. A fun craft you can do to get organized and to recycle is this quick Recycled Cereal Box Organizer (photographed below). This organizer is a nice way to decorate your desk and organize it all while doing something good for the planet. You will never be cluttered again after making this organizer for your desk.


Let’s get started on the Recycled cereal Box Organizer:

What you will need: 3 large cereal boxes, a pair of scissors, glue, a marker, a stapler, a ruler, and fabric or decorative paper. (I forgot the glue in the picture, you can use tape instead I found that tape actually works better with decorative paper instead of the glue.)



Step 1: Set aside everything except the cereal boxes, ruler, and marker.

Step 2: On the side of the box with the nutrition label measure down 2 inches on both sides. And 4 inches on the opposite side and connect the dots.








Step 3: Use your scissors or exacto blade to cut the lines. (I kept my top piece top piece to use as a pen and other supply holder but you don’t have to.)


Step 4:
Repeat steps 2 and
3 on the second
and third boxes.




Step 5: Cover the boxes in fabric or decorative paper using scissors and hot glue gun. To make it easier I thought of this step like wrapping a gift.









Step 6: Use the stapler to connect the boxes however you want.










Step 7: Put your folders, files, etc. inside. Below are before and after pictures.








Recycling is important to me because I want to live on an Earth that is healthy and strong, and the only way to heal the Earth is to change our habits. My family has always instilled in me the desire to protect the Earth and everything in it. I challenge you to try one easy way to recycle that is in your everyday life. I love cereal so when I saw this idea I quickly decided to make one instead of throwing the boxes away, and there are so many different ways to recycle. To find an easy craft using recycled materials, you can google DIY crafts or Pinterest is a good place to start. In the words of Mr. Spok, “Change is the essential process of all life.” (We were Star Trek for Halloween-Me and my lovely family belowJ)



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