Day 2: Starting from Zip

So I got a little behind in posting each day this week, but this is still very important information. There is a lot of work going on in the U.S. in terms of life expectancy and zip codes. I would love to do some of this research in Michigan and specifically with the metro area. Although knowing this data doesn’t automatically solve problems, its a great place to start awareness and create the buy-in that is necessary to make changes on a large scale.

If you take a lot at the links below you can see that Wayne County has over 9,000 years of potential life lost before 75 in 100,000 people. Compare this to just over 5,000 in Washtenaw County.

Facts & Stats:

  • In the area served by the Washington, D.C. metro system, communities only 12 miles from each other can have a nine year difference in life expectancy! (Source: RWJ Commission to Build a Healthier America graphic via APHA website)
  • In the U.S. there is a 13% difference (9 years) in life expectancy between states.
  • Use these great resources to find specific data for how your county and state rank!

What’s next? Together we can create the healthiest nation in one generation.

We have a lot of challenges to overcome, but it all starts with a simple first step:

Sign the pledge to show your commitment.  Ask others to sign as well because the more people who sign, the more influence we have to drive change.

Sign the petition to ask our leaders to do their part.  It will take change at both the l

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