Medicaid Expansion in Michigan

The Senate voted last night 8/28/13 to expand Medicaid via HB 4714. It almost didn’t pass with the first vote 19-18. Since there wasn’t a tie or 20 votes the bill did not pass. The senate went into a recess and came back for a reconsideration vote and finally passed 20-18.

For those of you who are interested, the following senators voted in favor of HB 4714:
Ananich, Jim
Anderson, Glenn
Bieda, Steven M
Casperson, Tom
Gregory, Vincent
Hansen, Goeff
Hood, Morris W III
Hopgood, Hoon-Yung
Hunter, Tupac A.
Johnson, Bert
Kahn, Roger
Kowall, Mike
Marleau, Jim
Richardville, Randy
Rocca, Tory
Smith, Virgil
Walker, Howard
Warren, Rebekah
Whitmer, Gretchen
Young, Coleman II

I will post a basic synopsis of this bill and what it means for American Indian Health and Family Services later this week.

I have also attached some links below for some different news articles regarding this topic.

One thought on “Medicaid Expansion in Michigan

  1. Miigwetch for this web page! Assuming it’s new and I love it! Very good info here and will be recommending via Facebook and direct contact with others! 🙂

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